Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Yes We Did!!

Happy 6 Months to Kendal

Yes, we actually had a little party for Kendal
to celebrate her being 6 months old!!

She got all dressed up

Kendal had balloons and presents and her first taste of baby food

She liked it, there's no stopping her now!

And the whole family was there to celebrate.

The next day she played and played with her
balloons, she just could not figure out how to
get them off her foot!!

Sweet thing, she is the best baby and we are
having such a good time with her.

Truly Blessed!



  1. Oh Debby, she is just beautiful. Happy Half Birthday to her!!!!

    1. June,

      Yes, she is a living doll! Having had two boys I am just thrilled with a grand daughter. My husband always said that if we would have had girls we would have been broke all the time (not that boys are not expensive also, but...) and yes I think he was right. There are so many cute things for girls and Kendal is a fashion plate all the time. Loving it!!

  2. How sweet she is...and that first picture with the little twinkling eyes should be framed and on the wall!

  3. Judi. That is one of my favorites of her. It will be framed soon!


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